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There is nothing quite like a whole house generator to bring you comfort and peace of mind when you need it the most. As far as emergency appliances go, a whole house generator—also referred to as an automatic standby generator—is what’s going to save you from suffering through disaster. Whether it’s from routine power outages or a full-on emergency, the inside of your home will barely notice the difference when the generator starts.

We at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. are dedicated to solving our client’s comfort problems, and whole house generator services are one way we do that. Whether it’s something as simple as whole house generator maintenance—or a full-on installation or replacement—going with a professional makes all the difference. After all, you don’t want to find out your generator isn’t working on the day you need it the most.

If you need whole house generator replacement, repairs, or any other service, you can count on us. Contact Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc., the Guys in the Big Red Trucks.

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There’s No Substitute for Whole House Generators

The word "generator" usually brings to mind the image of portable generators—the kind that run on diesel fuel and need to be plugged into each appliance individually. To say that a whole house generator is better than a portable generator would be an understatement. When it comes to powering your home, "portable" does not mean "convenient."

  • Safety: Whole house generators are installed outside of the home, where the carbon monoxide can be safely released into the outdoor air. Portable generators have limited distance and may create unwanted fumes in the home.
  • Power: One portable generator will energize only a few appliances at the most. Whole house generator installation is performed according to your home’s energy requirements.
  • Fuel: Forget having to manually refill your generator. Whole house generators are connected directly to a natural gas or propane fuel source, so you never have to worry about refilling it.

Truly a Life Saver

Electrical appliances rule our lives. Whether you love it or hate it, that’s just how things are. So when the power goes out in Sacramento—either due to scheduled maintenance or from a disaster—not all of us can wait on the electrical company to fix things.

Your Home is Your Work Station: If you’re a remote worker or freelancer, your home’s failed electricity might be what keeps you from receiving a paycheck. A proper generator will keep you running.

Medical Needs: If you or a family member depend on medical equipment or need your medications refrigerated at specific temperature, a prolonged power outage could become a life or death emergency.

Of course, your generator is only going to help you when it’s working. That’s why it’s essential to have whole house generator maintenance performed once or twice a year.

Installation From the Best in Home Efficiency

Since 1984, Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc. has provided solar technology and home efficiency products to Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. All our technicians are energy specialists, meaning we only install systems that help reduce or maintain your monthly energy costs. You can depend on us any time you need whole house generator services, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

When you call us for your whole house generator installation, you’ll be met with a friendly technician who shows you the in’s and out’s of your new generator. They’ll explain what you can expect from it, how it operates, and how often you’ll need maintenance. We don’t want our clients to just be okay with their new installation—we want them to be delighted.

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