With about an hour drive to the ocean, it makes sense that many Sacramento, CA residents choose to beat the heat by jumping into their backyard pool instead. But with the diverse climate and weather conditions we have, even on the warmest of days our pools can be pretty cold—at least without an effective pool heater. Heating one’s pool from an electrical source can get pricy, but the good news is that there is a way for you to save—with the installation of a solar pool heater.

Even during the cooler times during the year, the sun tends to be consistently present—so why let that solar energy source go to waste? There are a number of efficient traditional pool heaters on the market, but the solar pool heater, when professionally installed by the experts at Sierra Pacific Home & Comfort, Inc., takes efficiency to whole new level. Contact us today to learn more—Sierra Pacific, The Guys In The Big Red Trucks.

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There are a number of solar pool heaters on the market today, and their functionality may differ a little between make and model. One fact that remains consistent, however, is that your solar pool heater must be installed by a qualified professional—such as the expertly trained Sacramento, CA Installation Specialists on our team.

The way most solar pool heaters are set up is that there is a panel supporting a number of tubes. This panel is positioned in such a way that it effectively absorbs the maximum amount of solar energy throughout the day. A pump works to pump water out of your pool, and through this panel—heating the water as this occurs. The water is then dumped back into the pool via a return line.

But the only way this process can go off without a hitch—the solar panels being positioned for maximum solar energy use, all necessary wiring for the pump and other components being safe for use, no leaks developing due to poor design or service quality—is if you schedule the installation with experts.

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Your pool pump is the device that recirculates the pool water through a filter, ensuring that the water in your pool stays clean and safe to swim in. One pool pump typically circulates the entire volume of your pool once per day.

Pool pumps come in a few different speeds to allow for vacuuming or circulated heated water—variable speed pool pumps can save you a significant amount of money in energy costs. To learn more about the science behind the various pool pumps we offer, be sure to reach out to our Customer Service Representatives.

Our team is happy to go over your options with you for pool pumps, solar pool heaters, and other pool equipment. And remember, these components can only be as effective and efficient as they should be if they are professionally installed and serviced by a team with solar and pool equipment and services. We look forward to working with you on whatever your pool heating or pool equipment needs may be.

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